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Mobilize energy to guide the future


​card interpretation

In quantum physics, there is a close connection between observing phenomena and measuring the state of particles. The observation process leads to the collapse of the system function of the quantum state into a definite state, which is called "wave function collapse".

Analogy to the above, I have always regarded the interpretation of cards as an observation of the future.

When predicting with tarot cards, you are actually observing and exploring possible future situations. Each Tarot card represents a state and possibility. In actual use, through the guidance of Tarot, future uncertainties are collapsed, possibilities are limited to the most promising direction and risks are avoided.


This kind of divination process can also be regarded as the observation of the inner world. With the help of Tarot, we can gain insight into our inner emotions, challenges and potentials, just like observing the state of particles in the quantum world.

As an experienced tarot teacher, I focus on establishing a genuine connection with each questioner, respecting each individual's uniqueness and privacy. Enlighten the heart through cards, not purely magic to predict the future. I'll guide you through deep thinking, helping you clarify your thoughts and unleash inner insight for smarter decisions.

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